Defining Personal Injury

Personal injury cases are physical or mental injuries that are the direct result of acts of negligence or another party. These cases can include vehicular crashes, defective products, and medical malpractice. Contacting a personal injury attorney is the best way to be sure of the validity of your case.

If you sustain accidental injuries or damages that are the fault of another party, that person or company is liable and can be required to pay compensation. In order to determine liability, a court expects to find negligence. The party found to be more negligent is liable for at least a portion of damages sustained. 

Typically, fees will be awarded based on the strength of your documentation and the degree of injury.

Cases of personal injury are a serious matter. Often, they will involve serious injury, permanent disability, and sometimes even death. Without having a qualified, experienced personal injury attorney on your side, a person’s chances of receiving just compensation decline.

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