The children of an Illinois man have filed suit against two corporations, claiming that he suffered brain damage from the personal injuries he sustained while doctors were using a medical device manufactured and distributed by the companies.

According to Elaine Brueggemann and Jeff Edwards, their father, Henry Edwards, went to Bellevelle Memorial Hospital on December 3 of last year for a surgical procedure to remove the right upper lobe of his lung. They filed the claim in St. Clair County, Illinois Circuit Court on November 19.

During the course of the procedure, Dr. John Sadoff was using a device manufactured by Ethicon, Inc. and distributed by Owens and Minor Distribution, Inc., according to the suit.

Brueggemann and Edwards alleged that while Sadoff was using the device as it was intended, it malfunctioned and caused Henry Edwards to lose a large amount of blood.

The complaint states that Henry Edwards suffered brain damage, compartment syndrome in his right arm, debilitation, loss of independence and cognitive retention, memory loss, and incontinence. His children claim that he also suffered permanent pain, mental anguish, disability, disfigurement, loss of wages, and inability to attend to usual affairs and duties in addition to incurring medical expenses.

The suit claims negligence on the part of Ethicon for the device leaving the company in a condition that was defective and dangerous. Owens and Minor Distribution was negligent for failure to inform the purchaser of the dangerous condition.

The plaintiffs seek damages in excess of $150,000, plus costs.

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