Defective Baby Products NC Families Should Know About

Environmental Science & Technology recently published an article reporting that 80% of baby products contain untested or toxic chemical flame retardants. Babies are being exposed to chemicals that affect their physical development and health.

Unfortunately, laws don't require manufacturers to label products with flame retardant materials. One of the chemicals, chlorinated Tris, which may sound familiar because it was removed from children's pajamas almost fifty years ago, is now present in over 30% of baby products. The chemical, which is found in nursing pillows, is a carcinogen. More nursing pillows were tested and another carcinogenic chemical, TCEP (also a flame retardant) was found.

Although the statistics above may seem shocking, 9 out of 10 Americans have flame retardants in their bodies. The degree to which these chemicals are affecting American health is still being explored. However, babies are rapidly developing and their bodies are more susceptible to suffering long-term developmental damage.

USA Today reported that "toddlers' bodies have levels of flame retardants three times higher than adults."

The reports were conducted on a variety of baby products that are not necessarily all "new" products made within the last decade. The mix was provided as a sampling of baby products that come into contact with toddlers.

The production of baby products has changed over the past few years. Bromine, chlorine and other common flame retardants have been shown to disrupt the endocrine system, affect reproduction, cause cancer, neurological impairments and fetal complications. New production methods limit the presence of these chemicals.

If your child is suffering diseases or impairments you believe were caused by a defective baby product or because of the use of improperly manufactured baby products, our personal injury attorneys are available to discuss your rights. Attorneys at Brent Adams & Associates work with families who suffer injuries because of product defects and manufacturer negligence. Every state has its own standards for product flammability, which can affect how many and what kinds of flame retardants are present in NC families' baby products.

I have alot of baby things for grandbabies and I need to keep up on all recalls.
by Jennifer December 7, 2012 at 12:21 PM
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