Deaths From Boating Accidents in NC

Last weekend Perry Dwayne Bennett, a teenager in Harrells, NC, drowned after falling off a boat on the Black River. Bennett was fishing with another teen who tried to save him, but was unsuccessful. Officials are speculating that Bennett suffered from a seizure, which caused him to lose his balance and fall off the boat. Seven hours passed before Bennett's body was recovered.

North Carolina Top 10 States for Boating Accidents

North Carolina sadly earned the #9 spot for boating accidents in the nation, according to a recent article. According to current data from the NC Wildlife Resources Commission, there are 300,000 registered boats in the state. This means there is heavy boating traffic and plenty of opportunities for boat collisions.

Maritime Laws in NC

Accidents on rivers or at the coast are subject to state, federal and maritime laws. Each set of laws brings their own unique restrictions. Families who have suffered a death or an injured loved one because of a boating accident should consult an accident attorney. Injuries may appear minor at first, but a lifetime of brain or spinal damage could be caused by a boating accident. Symptoms from these types of injuries sometimes take time before they show.

After a Boat Accident

Before you speak to anyone after a boat accident, an attorney in one of our Raleigh, Fayetteville or Dunn offices can give you advice on who to talk to, what to say and how to protect yourself. You may be eligible for compensation for pain and suffering, property damage, wrongful death and more.

Boating Accident Lawsuits

Personal injury lawyers at Brent Adams & Associates service clients for any type of injury that has resulted from an accident: boat, Jet Ski, car, motorcycle, bicycle, truck and car. Our accident lawyers can explain the statute of limitations on accidents, unique maritime laws that may apply to your claim and explore every option to get you the most compensation possible.

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