Dangerous Driving in Charlotte

In Charlotte, NC, over 80 driving citations were made in a 2-hour window. Traffic violations in Charlotte appear to be making a dangerous driving environment for drivers who do follow the law and pedestrians.


After the 2-hour nighttime police operation, officials discovered 9 drivers were operating vehicles without licenses and the same number of drivers failed to provide their license and registration. A handful of uninsured drivers were cited, which means victims of Charlotte car accidents may run into a situation where they have to file a claim through their own UMI (uninsured motorist insurance) coverage. Driver safety in Charlotte is also compromised by dozens of negligent drivers who failed to wear their seat belt or provide adequate child seats: Over 50 seat belt and child seat violations were issued.


Police were able to canvass this Charlotte area and find and cite negligent drivers to hopefully discourage poor driving behavior and spread awareness to other drivers on the road. If the police were able to issue so many driving violations in just two hours, imagine how high the chances are to be victims of a Charlotte car accident during a normal day.


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