Curious How Older Drivers are Affected by North Carolina Driving Laws?

older drivers in north carolinaAre there certain laws that affect senior citizens and their ability to drive in North Carolina? Car accident lawyers in Raleigh have reviewed tips for eldery drivers and discussed the warning signs that may appear in a senior's driving abilities as they age, but what about the law?

North Carolina driving laws affect how older residents must maintain their driver licenses. In North Carolina, drivers must renew their license every 5 years starting at the age of 66. Prior to this age, drivers only have to renew every eight years. As long as there are no suspensions, revocations, and the individual is able to satisfy renewal requirements, older adults may continue driving. 

North Carolina does not currently have laws that require specialized visions tests for drivers based on their age. Aside from routine renewal procedures, older drivers must meet the same qualifications as they did when they were younger, just more frequently.

If you are concerned about an elderly friend or loved one's ability to drive, read our information about how to prevent car accidents with older drivers. Either yourself, a doctor, or a police officer have the ability to report drivers (regardless of age) to the DMV. Before anyone gets hurt - have a talk with your elderly loved one, meet with their doctor, and discuss how North Carolina laws may affect their driving.

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