A former corrections officer from Mule Creek State Prison in has been convicted of three counts of misdemeanor workers’ compensation fraud in Amador County, California, according to the district attorney’s office.

When he applied to work as a corrections officer with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, 53-year-old Ione, California resident John Daniel Griffin concealed a pre-existing disability and then filed a claim alleging that he had sustained work-related personal injuries to his shoulder, foot, and leg. The CDCR workers’ comp fraud high impact team and the Amador County workers’ comp fraud unit jointly investigated the case.

During his paid leave, Griffin was observed engaging in physical activities inconsistent with his injury claims like loading and unloading lumber and bags of cement. He allegedly also rode his motorcycle, played golf, and moved three large cases of motor oil showing no signs of pain. He allegedly also concealed employment as a firefighter.

On June 19, Griffin was convicted and sentenced to 120 days in county jail and five years probation in addition to being ordered to a restitution payment of $57,741.

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