A man has filed a personal injury suit, claiming that as he was working at a gas station and convenience store in Texarkana, Texas, he walked out of the room he was working in, slipped on a puddle of water, and fell, landing on his shoulder.


On August 20, Brian Douglas Hovarter filed suit against Truman Arnold Cos., doing business as Roadrunner, in the Western District of Arkansas, seeking damages in excess of $970,000.


The suit claims that an employee of Roadrunner caused water to be on the floor outside the room where Hovarter was working. He says that he had no opportunity to see the water on the floor and received no warning before he turned from his work and stepped outside the room. He then slipped and fell violently to the floor, causing his shoulder to become injured.


Hovarter claims that Roadrunner failed in its duty to maintain the premises in a condition that was reasonably safe and exercise ordinary care in the maintenance and cleaning of the premises.


The suit also alleges negligence on the part of Truman Arnold Cos. For failure to warn, failure to remove the water from the floor, causing the water to be on the floor, and causing the water to be on the floor in a location Hovarter was unable to see.


Hovarter seeks damages for physical pain, mental anguish, loss of earnings, loss of earning capacity, physical impairment, and medical costs.
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