Contaminated Well Water in NC

Almost two dozen homeowners in Wake Forest, NC are wondering who to blame for contaminated well water that has exposed them and their families to dangerous levels of a cancer-causing chemical. The Environmental Protection Agency tested wells in a Wake Forest community that showed the chemical trichloroethylene.


Trichloroethylene is a non-flammable chemical that can cause cardiac problems, neurological disorders, and has been banned from food and drug companies for forty years. The well water contamination means innocent families and children in Wake Forest have been exposed to this carcinogenic chemical for, what local news reports show, could be several years.


The EPA even stopped at a home and told a family to stop drinking the water and to cease showering, triggering families to switch over to bottled water for drinking and cooking, and leaving their neighborhood to shower. Some homes are having carbon filters installed, which will help in cleansing the water for showering purposes.


Who’s to blame for the Wake Forest water contamination? The families are waiting for an investigation to determine the cause of the well water contamination. Personal injury lawsuits would help the families receive compensation for long-term health problems caused by their exposure to the cancer-causing chemical. Complicated NC injury cases and lawsuits are ahead for the negligence of the entity that caused the chemical to leak into the residential wells of innocent people. If your home’s water was tainted, contact a Raleigh personal injury lawyer at Brent Adams & Associates to learn your rights in this negligence case.

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