A man from Beaumont, Texas has filed a suit claiming that he deserves to recover damages he incurred when he suffered personal injuries when he fell up a hill as he was evacuating a plant.


According to the suit Frederick Mike filed against Motiva Enterprises on August 24, he was employed by Fugro Consultants, an engineering program providing consulting work and other services for Motiva.


Mike claims that as he was working at the Motiva plant on June 2, 2008, he heard an alarm requiring that the plant be evacuated.


Mike says he then began to follow the evacuation route he had been taught, which required that he climb a hill with a slope of at least 45 percent. He says that as he was climbing the hill, he tripped and fell.


Mike claims the fall has caused him to become limited in the type of work he is able to perform. The claim provided the example that he was no longer able to do heavy work.


Mike alleges negligence on the part of Motiva for instructing him and others to take an evacuation path from the plant that was unreasonably dangerous, failure to provide a more reasonable evacuation route, failure to provide him with a safe work environment, and failure to provide adequate marking for evacuation paths.
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