Construction Worker Killed in Oak Island Bridge Accident


One man was killed and another seriously injured in a construction accident near the second bridge to Oak Island.


On Wednesday, December 1, an entire girder collapsed at the new Oak Island Bridge. It is the second bridge to Oak Island. It will be a new route to NC 211 from SR 1104.


Jose Montalvo of Sumter, S.C. was killed in the accident, when one of the beams holding up the bridge fell. He was strapped to a beam for safety but went down when that beam touch another one. He had been employed with the construction company for seven years. He was married with three children.


Ricky Bryant of Supply, N.C. was taken to New Hanover Regional Hospital with serious injuries. He is married with two children.


Roberto Hernandez was also injured in the accident.


They were employed by Lee Construction of the Carolinas. They mostly work in the southeast. The company is based out of the Charlotte area and has been operating since 1935.


According to OSHA records, this is the third accident investigation in the past eight years. They were penalized in the previous two, due to violations.
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