A man has filed a personal injury suit against his former employer, a construction company, and five unknown individuals after he suffered an injury while working.


According to the suit Herbert Canterbury filed on October 14 in West Virginia’s Kanawha Circuit Court, he was employed as a masonry laborer by Peter T. Gordon, doing business as Go Bananas, when the 2007 incident occurred.


Canterbury claims that on October 14, 2007, he was ordered to work on unsafe scaffolding, which was missing legs and braces, was not aligned with other scaffolding used on the same job, and was not in compliance with federal and state regulations.


Canterbury says that the scaffolding collapsed, causing him to fall and suffer injuries.


The suit alleges negligence against Pray Construction Company, Go Bananas, and the five individuals for exposing him to working conditions that were unsafe, failure to properly inspect the site for hazards, failure to provide proper safety and hazard training, failure to provide proper safety equipment, failure to properly supervise, failure to warn of known hazards, failure to correct known safety hazards, and failure to provide a safe means of access to the work area.


Canterbury seeks damages for extreme physical pain and suffering, extreme mental anguish and suffering, permanent physical impairment, lost wages and benefits, lost earning capacity and benefits, lost capacity for enjoyment of life, medical costs, and annoyance and inconvenience.
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