Mamie Robinson has hired a North Carolina nursing home neglect attorney and is preparing to sue a Concord adult care facility after her husband died after just a few months of care.

According to local news sources, Mamie’s husband Angrus suffered a stroke in the spring of last year and required professional nursing care and therapy. He was transferred to Avante at Concord, where Mamie said everything seemed fine on the surface. However, by August, Angrus was in pain, he was having difficulty eating, and he was losing weight quickly. When he was taken to a nearby hospital at the behest of Robinson, doctors found he had an untreated throat infection as well as preventable bedsores. Although he endured surgery and treatment, he died weeks after his medical issues were discovered.

The Concord nursing home neglect lawsuit claims that nursing staff knew about the bedsores and did not treat them or take preventative measures. Robinson also says that the nurses at the adult care facility shielded her from her husband’s medical issues.

How often do nursing home neglect incidents like this one take place in North Carolina? State health officials say that dozens of complaints of abuse and neglect come in every week. If you would like the counsel of a Raleigh nursing home neglect attorney, talk to Brent Adams & Associates today about your possible case.

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