If you have been the victim of the carelessness or negligence of another person and have filed a personal injury suit against that person to recover damages, the negative reactions you received from others may have surprised you. There are some who believe that personal injury suits are only filed by greedy people out for money or trying to “shake down” insurance companies, a belief that has been popularized by movies, television, and the media.

However, nothing could be further from the truth for real victims of personal injury.

There are many personal injury victims who accept insurance company settlements without consulting an attorney. But cases of negligence or medical malpractice can involve severe personal injuries, long-term medical care, loss of wages, and undue financial stress, and often, insurance company settlements are inadequate to meet these needs over time. In this instance, having a qualified personal injury attorney on your side is vital.

Some injuries may cause immediate distress for the victim, but other symptoms may not emerge until later. At the time the injury occurs, its physical effects may not seem serious. But over time, many painful and debilitating symptoms can manifest.

Some common types of personal injury include medical malpractice, brain trauma, slip and fall, motor vehicle injuries, toxic tort, lead poisoning, medication errors, spinal cord injury, birth defects, vaccine related injuries, emergency room errors, and wrongful death.

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