Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

There is almost a 100% chance of being injured in a motorcycle accident. Motorcycle drivers can utilize defense driving practices, wear helmets and reflective gear, but they have no control over the negligence of other vehicle drivers.

Motorcycle Accidents in Raleigh and NC

Motorcycle accidents are typically caused by another driver's failure to see the motorcycle driver. Reflective clothing and properly operating headlights are necessary--but most drivers usually have their views obstructed because the motorcycle isn't large enough and gets "hidden" behind other vehicles or glare. Plus, it's difficult for other drivers to know how fast the motorcycle is traveling. By the time they see it their reaction time is small.

Motorcycle Accidents and Road Construction

Construction zones are another prime spot for motorcycle accidents. These areas have a higher risk for obstructions, delays and distracted drivers. Uneven road surfaces, detour routes and congested lanes make it more likely for drivers to lose the line of sight of motorcycle drivers.

NC Car Accidents and Weather

Weather also contributes to motorcycle accidents. The four distinct seasons in NC make for any type of road condition and motorcyclists may have to ride in snow, sleet, rain or extreme heat. Visibility and unreliable road surface make the already high chances of a motorcycle accident even greater.

Driving Under the Influence in NC

It may seem too obvious to include, but driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is another common cause of NC motorcycle accidents. Driving a motorcycle requires acute skill, coordination and focus--much more than needed for driving a standard vehicle. More than half of motor vehicle accidents are linked to substance abuse.

Accident Lawyers in Raleigh

Motorcycle accidents cause serious injuries or death. The accident attorneys at Brent Adams & Associates work with NC motorcycle accident victims and victims' families. Accident lawyers in Raleigh help clients across the entire state of North Carolina on their cases for compensation.

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