Columbus County Dog Attack Injures Toddler: Tips to Prevent Attacks

A toddler suffered head wounds after a dog attack in Columbus County. The dog attack happened just east of North Carolina’s Tabor City, which straddles the border of South Carolina.


The dog owner is allegedly not at fault for the accident, their dog was appropriately tied up in their yard and the neighbor’s toddler had wandered off unsupervised. The dog owner was irresponsible in caring for the dog, which was not up-to-date on its rabies vaccine. Without the rabies vaccine, the dog must be quarantined for ten days.


The toddler was treated for serious bite and gash wounds on his head, which could have permanently impaired his vision if the dog had bitten near the child’s eyes. Whoever was supervising the toddler at the time failed to prevent the child from leaving the property and entering a dangerous situation. According to the CDC, children and adult men are statistically more prone to dog attacks. NC dog bite attorneys at Brent Adams & Associates represents dog bite victims with their teams of paralegals in Raleigh, Fayetteville and Dunn. Brent Adams’ dog attack law office created these tips to help others and dog owners be more responsible in the prevention of dog attacks and bite injuries:


  • Don’t play aggressive games with dogs like wrestling and play fighting.
  • Don’t leave babies or kids alone with a dog.
  • Don’t bring a fearful child near a dog.
  • Teach children to never bother a dog that is eating, nursing or sleeping.
  • Teach children to let a dog see and sniff them first before petting them.
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