Clinton, NC Packing Plant Accident

An NC worker died on the job recently in Clinton. A Smithfield Packing worker was filling a tanker truck with sludge before he became unresponsive.

Hazardous Workplaces NC

The on-the-job death investigation is not expected to be conclusive until later this year. Extensive air quality tests have been ordered as part of the studies. Investigators are trying to determine if fumes from the sludge created a hazardous workplace and were responsible for the NC workers’ death. According to the Fayetteville Observer, sludge is a byproduct of sewage and “contains methane gas, which if inhaled long enough, can be fatal.”

NC On-the-Job Accidents

On-the-job accidents in North Carolina affect thousands of innocent employees every year. The most recent statistics from the NC Department of Labor (2006) show over 4,600 serious occupational hazards affect the safety and health of workers. In 2010, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics reported an annual non-fatal accident number just over 3,700. The reports show that workplaces are becoming safer, however when an accident happens at work, what should an injured worker do first?

NC Workers’ Compensation

The accident must be reported in writing right away. NC workers’ compensation law requires the injured worker (or their representative) to report a workplace accident in writing as soon as possible or at least within 30 days. Injured workers don’t need to give up if this step was skipped. In most cases the injured worker gives a verbal report to a supervisor who then creates a written report. Alternatively, the injured worker will typically provide written notice of the accident through their NC workers’ comp attorney.

Filing an Accident Report With NC Employer

What should your written accident report look like? NC workers’ comp law does not require a complicated written accident report. If you plan on writing the report yourself, it only needs to include:

• Name an address of the employee
• The time, place, nature and cause of the accident
• Time, place, nature and cause of the injury or death
• Signature of the injured employee or their representative

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