Brent Adams and Associates Obtains $108,507.00 In Past Due Benefits for Social Security Disability Client.

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 Vance Jennings, Board Certified Social Security disability lawyer at Brent Adams and Associates recently obtained an Award for one of his Social Security disability clients which included past due benefits of $108,507.00.  


    In addition to these past due benefits the client will receive his full Social Security disability benefits each month for so long as he is disabled.  


    At Brent Adams and Associates we work hard to obtain Social Security Disability benefits for our clients back to the earliest possible date.  


    In the case of this client, Mr. Jennings was able to recover past due benefits back to November 1986.  


    The amount a disabled person can collect for their Social Security disability benefits depends to a large extent on the amount of earnings realized by the claimant.  The more money a person earns and pays into the Social Security system through mandatory Social Security payments, the more that person will receive in the event they become disabled.  


    In the case of this particular client, unfortunately, his earnings were low during the time he was able to work.  His monthly benefits were $474.00 at the time Mr. Jennings won his case.


    As with all Social Security disability claimants, their benefits go up with the cost of living.


    When this client first became disabled and entitled to Social Security benefits, in November 1986 his monthly benefits were much lower than $474 per month.


    Nevertheless, this client received a very nice check for his back benefits all the way back to 1986.  Even though his monthly benefits were low, the total he received was substantial, $108,507.00.


    At Brent Adams and Associates, we take great care and work hard to be sure that our clients receive full Social Security benefits as all the way back as long as possible.  


    It is difficult to receive substantial back benefits.  However, with Mr. Jennings' help, this client was able to receive a very substantial sum of money which will give him and his family a higher standard of living.  


    If you or a loved one have been repeatedly turned down for Social Security benefits, please give us a call at area code 919 832 0022 or toll free at 877 Brent Adams.  We will put you in touch with our highly qualified Social Security disability team and begin working hard to obtain Social Security benefits for you and your family. Of course, at Brent Adams and Associates, we work hard to obtain the highest amount of past due benefits for you.  


    There may be certain time limits and deadlines for pursuing your claim.  Therefore, it is important to call us today. Operators are standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to receive your calls.

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