Citronella Candle Burns: NC Accident in Harnett County

A citronella candle caused flames a foot high and injured a man in a Harnett County accident over Labor Day weekend. The injured man now has to wear leg braces for a year.

When defective products or negligent manufacturing cause injuries to innocent consumers, they have a right to compensation for their pain and suffering. Sometimes consumers are unknowingly at risk due to inadequate warning labels or hazardous packaging or design. In the Harnett County accident, an innocent man suffered severe burn injuries that have impacted his appearance, ability to walk, caused ongoing pain and medical bills.

The Harnett County accident drew attention when a family’s citronella candle splashed burning wax on a man. He was trying to move the candle with a pair of tongs because the candle flame wasn’t burning a normal safe level; instead it was a foot high. Burn injuries from hot wax—especially citronella—need to be treated differently than burn injuries from a typical fire. When chemicals, alternate fuels, or flammable substances are involved with burn injuries, specialized medical treatment plans need to be made.

Last year we blogged about two deaths that were linked to gel-based fuels that power outdoor firepots. Manufacturers recalled the fuel gels, which caused accidents that had similar “fireball” descriptions by accident witnesses. If you’re concerned about the citronella candles you own, cease using them and call a NC defective product attorney at 800.849.5931 to receive a list of recalled candles.

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