Choosing Childcare in North Carolina

child careChildren are curious and still developing cognitive skills, without proper supervision and care they can get into serious accidents. When choosing childcare in North Carolina, families have several options, such as day care centers, babysitters, or family members. Accidents can happen under anyone's supervision, but have you chosen the party who knows how to react to emergencies? Our child abuse lawyers in Raleigh created a list of three key points to consider when you are contemplating a care provider for your child:

Training and certification. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, one child dies from choking on food every five days across the nation. CPR for adults is different that what is required for an infant. The wrong procedure could further injury a baby. Have you verified the workers at your day care are certified and routinely trained, that your babysitter's credentials are valid? Will you ask your in-laws to get certified in infant CPR if they will be caring for your child? 

Hazards. Visit day care centers to make sure there are no apparent hazards. This may include inadequate fencing or loose carpet. Make sure your own home has been childproofed and that your babysitter is aware of any potential dangers, and how to properly use safety gates around swimming pools and staircases. If you are leaving your child at someone else's home, visit the home first. Discuss potential food allergies or health care needs your child may have and how their caregiver needs to respond.

Complaints. The NC Division of Child Development offers a free day care search tool that displays recent inspections and sanitary ratings. You can also conduct a criminal record check of the individual you choose to supervise your child.

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