Child Safety at Fort Bragg, NC

A string of suspicious and unexplained child deaths have been taking place at Fort Bragg, NC, home of the US Army Airborne Forces, Special Forces, Army Forces Command and Army Reserve Command.

Fayetteville Child Injuries

Housing on post is under investigation for potential environmental hazards that could be contributing to children’s deaths. In mid-March 2012, another infant died after being found unresponsive at a post facility. A dozen children have died in post housing over the past five years at Fort Bragg, according to local news sources.

Infant Deaths

Unexplained infant deaths at Fort Bragg have left families stricken with grief. The latest baby to die was a four-month-old infant of the Garza family. The first baby to die in 2007 was followed by two other children’s deaths in the exact same home. Over 45,000 people live on the Fayetteville-area army base. Investigators are exploring toxic gas emissions from drywall, but no tests have been conclusive.

NC Child Abuse Attorneys

If your child has unexplained illnesses, injuries, or in the tragic incidence your child has died at a NC child care center, contact a NC child abuse and neglect attorney with Brent Adams & Associates. Child abuse attorneys in Raleigh, Fayetteville and Dunn handle cases where innocent children suffer illnesses or injuries due to another person or party’s negligence.
The Army is more worried about image instead of realizing their is a huge daycare issue across the military. They don't fire anyone. They relocate the complacent workers and careless supervisors. That's there answer to fixing violations and rules that are broken. The entire daycare management needs to be FIRED! And the cowards that think they care... Are puppets to the government corruption that is a cancer that will never go away.
by Keira little April 5, 2013 at 08:24 PM
The unresponsive infant died at the hands of one of the workers at the daycare facility. They placed the little boy on his stomach and left him. He suffocated to death. Their are no longer lisenced by the state, yet they remain open? Lets uncover the truth instead of shadowing the lies!!!
by Kiera October 5, 2012 at 03:01 PM
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