Child Recovers $1,096,213 Against Doctor in Faulty Delivery

The plaintiff infant was born via vaginal delivery. The defendant, Patricia Thompson, M.D. of Defendant Beaufort OB/GYN Associates, PA was treating OB/GYN and delivered the child causing Brachial Plexus injury.

The plaintiff alleged that Dr. Thompson used excess pulling and force on the brachial plexus nerve during delivery and should have utilized the corkscrew or McRoberts maneuvers to free the shoulder. The plaintiff presented evidence from an in utero ultrasound which reportedly showed the fetus’ arms were functioning and growing normally.

Dr. Thompson argued that she utilized both the corkscrew and McRoberts maneuvers and that the injury can occur even though the appropriate measures were taken. The defendants also argued that the injury may have occurred in utero. Dr. Thompson maintained that she complied with all standards of care.

The alleged injures were shoulder dystocia resulting in Erb’s palsy. The plaintiff, who was six years old at the date of the trial, had serious, notable limitations in the use of her arm, winging of the scapula and the affected are was shorter than the other arm.

On October 14, 2009, Beaufort Count South Carolina jury returned a verdict for the child in the amount of $1,096,2103.

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