An 8-year-old girl is in recovery from the personal injuries she suffered when she was attacked by her neighbor’s dog on June 12.

According to Walker County, Tennessee Animal Control, the girl was attempting to break up a fight between two dogs when one of them turned on her.

Reportedly, the girl was bitten on the shoulder and side, resulting in massive blood loss. Officers say she was rushed into surgery at T.C. Thompson Children Hospital. Walker County Animal Control Supervisor Curtis Patterson said it was the worst animal attack he’d ever seen.

According to Patterson, the girl wandered through the woods trying to find her dog, but when she found it, the dog was fighting with her neighbor’s pit bull. When she tried to break up the fight, the pit bull attacked her.

Patterson said the girl was bitten several times and lost a great deal of blood before attempting to run back to her home. She was picked up by Lifeforce and rushed to the hospital.

Animal control officers also said there is concern over whether or not the dog had a rabies vaccination because there was no record and testing cannot occur because the owner shot the dog after the attack.
God bless her and I pray she makes a full recovery. We lost our 4 year old little boy on Good Friday this year to a horrific dog mauling. Our child was playing in our yard with his toy trucks in a dirt pile not far from me and his father when our neighbors 3 pet boxers came into our yard a viciously attacked him. I along with my husband tried to pry him away from their powerful jaws. We cannot and will never forget that horrible vision and feeling of not being able to help our baby. God Bless you Blaise....We love and miss you tremendously.
by Angeleyes July 6, 2009 at 11:38 PM
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