Child Abuse in Halifax County

The mother of a baby boy in Enfield, Tasha Monique Caine, was arrested on counts of child abuse. The baby boy was brought to Jaycee Burn Center by helicopter for treatment of extensive second-degree burns.

NC Felony Child Abuse

The Halifax County Department of Social Services requested the Enfield Police Department conduct an investigation after the baby was taken to Halifax Regional Medical Center for burn treatment. Doctors confirmed that the baby suffered previous bone fractures and burns. Police have charged Caine with felony child abuse and are holding her on a $200,000 bond.

Reporting Child Neglect NC

Physicians and medical centers have a responsibility to report child abuse or neglect. Sometimes child abuse isn't as clear as broken bones and burns like in Caine's felony case. Children are neglected and abused in other ways. Children who excel in school and maintain above average grades may be suffering emotional and psychological abuse at home where they could be pressured to maintain high test scores.

Looking For Child Abuse Attorneys in Raleigh

Brent Adams & Associates' child neglect attorneys handle abuse cases anywhere in North Carolina. Child abuse and neglect lawyers help families navigate the stressful and complicated litigation process in the most strategic way to achieve the highest compensation possible.

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