Charlotte Pedestrian Traffic Accidents Could Break Records

The number of fatal Charlotte car accidents involving pedestrians is trending toward meeting or exceeding 2011’s traffic accidents. Since 2012 began, over a dozen people have lost their lives while walking or riding their bikes. One of the areas where the most Charlotte pedestrian traffic accidents occur is uptown, according to NC DOT data reports.


Charlotte Car Accidents


With hundreds of Charlotte car accidents involving pedestrians every year, how is the city coping with the high rates of accidents? Charlotte is planning on creating almost 400 miles of new sidewalks over the next twenty years. The addition of sidewalks will be accompanied by tree plantings and more detailed crosswalk marks.


Risk of Accidents


Charlotte’s light-rail system, slated to be complete by 2034, is also keeping urban planners optimistic about pedestrian safety. When more people take advantage of mass transit, the fewer cars will be in on the road, which will reduce the risk of accidents.


Fatal Pedestrian Accident Victims


Negligent drivers who cause harm to innocent pedestrians and bike riders are liable for the injured victim’s losses. Drivers should always be vigilant in areas where children are present; however, surprisingly statistics show that the majority of fatal pedestrian accident victims are aged 45-49, according to 2009 reports from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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