Charlotte Man Killed in Truck Accident Caused by Sleeping Driver

New laws governing fatigued drivers in North Carolina are possible after a truck accident caused by a sleeping driver kills a Charlotte, NC man. In the middle of 2011, a Charlotte man, Shawn Johnson, was driving when he was hit by a trucker who had fallen asleep. Shawn Johnson’s widowed wife, Dana, is determined to make new laws, or changes to current legislation, that regulate how sleeping disorders will affect driving privileges and regulations.

Tired truckers cause over 5,000 fatal accidents each year, according to the Charlotte Observer. Recent reports show that the tired trucker who killed Johnson had a sleep disorder. Sleep disorders are a serious problem for drivers of any type of vehicle. One type of disorder, sleep apnea, can happen hundreds of times during a standard sleep cycle. Even if the driver is awake and conscious, not sleeping well because of a sleeping problem can cause drowsiness and slow reaction times. Almost 30% of commercial truck accidents are caused by driver fatigue. Read our tips to help stay awake while driving.

“Fatigue-related crashes are often more severe than others because a driver’s reaction time is delayed or they failed to make maneuvers to avoid the crash,” according to Smart Motorist, a website devoted to safe driving practices. Be aware of your own level of fatigue as well as the driver’s if you are a passenger in a vehicle. Signs of driver fatigue include:

• Frequent yawning
• Heavy eyelids
• Varying speed
• Irritable behavior
• Drifting vehicle

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