Charlotte Hit-and-Run: How Bicyclists Can Ride Safe

A hit-and-run near a Charlotte school was allegedly caused by a woman who damaged the front end of her car after hitting a bicyclist and then kept driving. The bicyclist, whose name has not been revealed, was seriously injured in the Charlotte car accident. His injuries were life-threatening and required surgical procedures.


The Charlotte hit-and-run took place in early morning hours on Gallant Lane, the road not far from Kennedy Middle School. Dusk and dawn are notorious times for accidents due to poor visibility. No additional details about the hit-and-run have been released. Whether the driver was intoxicated, was driving without insurance, or failed to following traffic signals has yet to be revealed.


Bicyclists can avoid car accidents by following these safety tips:


  1. Avoid riding in early morning and evening hours. Visibility is poor during these times and it usually falls during rush hours so there is a higher risk of an accident.
  2. Wear reflective clothing; add reflectors and flashing lights to your bike and helmet. You want to be seen – drivers, other cyclists and pedestrians should have no problem seeing you and your bike.
  3. Stay in designated bike lanes and use appropriate traffic signals. Avoid bike riding on sidewalks to prevent accidents with pedestrians. Clearly communicating your turns to other drivers on the road could save your own life as well as nearby drivers who may be affected by a collision should another vehicle hit you.


If the alleged hit-and-run driver currently in custody is proved to be the one who caused the accident, the Charlotte bike crash victim could retain a NC personal injury attorney and file an injury lawsuit against the driver to recover costs for his medical treatment, lost wages, and property damage.

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