Charlotte Hit-and-Run Accident: Filing a Claim

A fatal hit-and-run accident, like the one that happened in the greater-Charlotte area’s Mint Hill that killed Jeffrey Hardin in mid-August, puts the victim’s family in a terrible situation. Not only is Hardin’s family mourning their loss, but they are also carrying the burden of his burial costs. Who can Hardin’s relatives turn to for coverage of these costs?


Finding a hit-and-run driver can take time, and the negligent driver may never be identified. In situations where the victim is in another vehicle, a claim can be filed through the injured party’s insurance. Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage should provide the coverage necessary to satisfy burial costs should the victim not survive the accident.


Many people don’t think they need a NC car accident attorney if they’re filing a claim with their own insurance company, however insurance companies always try to pay out as little as possible, regardless of the fact you’re their policy holder. To make sure you receive the full and fair coverage your policy outlines, a NC car accident attorney at Brent Adams to represent your injury claim.


Our NC car accident attorneys only get paid if you receive payment. Our team of paralegals help create strong documentation for our injury lawyers in Raleigh, Dunn and Fayetteville as they represent accident victims across North Carolina. Hit-and-run accidents take a long time to recover from emotionally, don’t let the financial stresses take over your life.

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