Charlotte Bike Accident Kills Boy

A Charlotte high school student was killed in a bike accident while he was riding to school. The morning bike accident also involved a tractor trailer.


NC Tractor-Trailer Accident


The boy, Andrew Wright, faced a morning of obstacles. First, Wright missed his bus, which prompted him to ride his bike to school. Second, it was a trash day so the garbage bins in the street made it difficult for Wright to stay out of the line of traffic. On top of these bike riding challenges, whether it was time or chance, Wright was not wearing his helmet. Then, at the same time a tractor-trailer was passing him, he tried to avoid hitting a trash bin and lost control of his bike. Sadly, local reports say he was killed on impact.


North Carolina Bike Accidents


Brent Adams & Associates has three North Carolina injury law offices and a team of personal injury lawyers who helps victims of bike accidents. North Carolina is home to many bike-friendly communities, however even when bicyclists follow all the traffic laws, there are still negligent drivers out there who recklessly speed, text while driving or neglect to simply look both ways. Bike riders who are hit by cars don’t have to carry a bike accident’s financial burden for the rest of their lives. Our NC bike accident attorneys help ease the stress after an accident and work on your behalf with the insurance company.


Safe Bike Riding Tips for Students:


  1. Find low-traffic routes from home to your child’s school. Ride the route with your child and point out potential dangers like pot holes, dogs or sharp turns.
  2. Have a helmet accessible. Store your child’s helmet with their bicycle. It’s easy to clip the helmet to the bike handles or the seat post when putting it in a shed or garage. This could help prevent head trauma and brain injuries if your child is in a bike accident.
  3. Have nearby friend and family phone numbers in an easy-to-reach location for your child. It’s safer for your child to get a car ride from someone they know if the weather is bad or if they’re faced with riding their bike at night because of an after school program.
  4. Teach your child standard traffic laws. Show them the appropriate way to signal their turns when riding a bike, what side of the road to ride on (with the flow of traffic), and to stop at all stop signs and red lights.
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