Chapel Hill Cell Phone Ban Now Banned

Three months after an injunction was placed on the ordinances, the ban has officially been removed.


A judge ruled that a towing ordinance was, in fact, unconstitutional since it “regulated trade.” Legislation regulating cell phone use is already in place under state laws, so the judge ruled that the Chapel Hill town law was unnecessary.


Even with North Carolina cell phone laws, which separately regulate texting and talking, drivers will negligently use their mobile devices while they are behind the wheel. Texting of any kind (on cell phones or Internet use on other devices) while driving is illegal for drivers of every age and occupation in North Carolina. Drivers under the age of 18 are not permitted to use cell phones to make calls while they’re driving unless they are phoning their parents.


Recent statistics from AAA show that teens still knowingly break the law and will text while driving. This contributes to over 3,000 fatal car crashes annually. Text messaging while driving doesn’t just double the risk of a crash, it makes it 23 times more likely, according to, a site created by the government to help spread awareness about the dangers of distracted driving.


Worried about getting injured in a Raleigh car crash? Raleigh car accidents and traffic violations in the greater Triangle area lead the state as one of the top two spots where distracted driving occurs. Both Wake and Mecklenberg counties make up for the most distracted driving cases.

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