According to Los Angeles newspaper Daily Breeze, singer Chaka Khan and her son Damien Holland have been ordered to make a payment of over $1.3 million to a family to a teen who died of the personal injuries he received in their home after a 2004 dispute.

Court records say that Superior Court Judge Bob Hight approved a default judgment against the pair in November for over $1.3 million plus interest after they failed to respond to the suit.

According to Tammy McCrary, Khan’s manager, she never received the suit and had no knowledge of the judgment.

A wrongful death and negligence suit was filed by the family of 17-year-old Christopher Bailey against Khan and 29-year-old Holland after Holland was acquitted of murdering Bailey in May of 2006 by a jury.

On September 24, 2004, Bailey was shot in the face by Holland with an M-16 assault rifle. During the course of the trial, Holland admitted to having a friend punch him in the face and initially lied to police to give the appearance that he had been attacked by Bailey. He testified to being upset over Bailey having an affair with his girlfriend, but said the gun went off accidentally.

The wrongful death and negligence suit was filed in September 2006 against Khan, her mother, her company, and Holland. Khan and Holland never responded to the suit, but Sandra Coleman, Khan’s mother, settled with the Bailey family for $500,000, according to court records. However, the family argues that was only half of the amount agreed upon.

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