Chain-Reaction Wreck Involves Four Cars


Four cars were involved in a collision in Plainview this morning. Three cars stopped for a school bus in front of them, but the fourth one didn’t.


Kerri Maynard of the Plainview area failed to reduce speed for a stopped school bus on U.S. 421. Maynard rear-ended the car in front of her and started a chain reaction that ended two cars later. The school bus was not involved.


Tony Adkins and his fourteen-year old stepdaughter, Samantha Daughtry were in the vehicle hit by Maynard. They were on their way to Hobbton High School when they stopped for the school bus that was picking up numerous children from Countryside Day Care.


According to Adkins, Maynard never slowed down or applied the brakes.


The woman driving the vehicle in front of Adkins had two small children in her vehicle.


Angela Jackson of the Plainview area was driving the last vehicle to be hit.


According to a report, Ms. Maynard will be charged with failure to reduce speed to avoid a collision.
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