Girl Attacked by Dog at Memorial Day Picnic

At a Memorial Day cookout, a three-year-old girl had to be rushed to the a medical center after a family friend’s Doberman pincher attacked her.

According to the girl's mother, while at the cookout her daughter played with the friend's dog and then it bit the left side of her head without warning.

After being transported to the hospital, the girl had to undergo a three-and-a-half hour surgery. 

According to the girl’s parents, she had more than two hundred stitches and could possibly have nerve damage above her left eye. They say the girl had been around the dog multiple times with no incident.

According to officials with the local human society, adults should take precautions and keep an eye out for dog attack warning signs such as lowered ears, a tail between the legs, and obvious growling, even with a pet the child is familiar with.

When looking at statistics showing the ages of dog bite victims, children consistently make up the majority of dog attack victims. Parents and guardians should help educate children on the best ways to greet dogs that can help minimize the risk of a painful, scarring, and sometimes debilitating or fatal dog attack.

North Carolina has a specific set of laws that govern animal attacks. When you start learning about these laws, schedule a free consult with a dog bite attorney and ask about the One-Bite Rule. Also ask about what special laws might be in place in the particular municipality, town or city where the attack occurred. Some local jurisdictions around the country have breed-specific legislation, but not all.

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