A woman from St. Clair County, Illinois has filed suit against Imagine Investments individually and on behalf of her minor son, claiming that her son sustained serious personal injuries when a section of the ceiling in their home’s bathroom fell on his head and face as he was taking a bath.

According to the claim filed in St. Clair County Circuit Court on December 8 by the boys’ mother, Vanessa Helm, Jerel Bellmon, Jr. was bathing in their Shiloh, Illinois apartment owned by Imagine Investments when the incident took place.

The suit says that the ceiling above the tub had sustained severe damage which caused the tiles to deteriorate and become loose, unsecured, and unstable. Helm claims that Imagine Investments was aware of a water leak in the apartment above hers, but failed to disclose the condition.

The complaint claims that Bellmon’s injuries caused him to suffer great pain, mental anguish, and post traumatic stress syndrome in addition to incurring medical expenses.

Helm claims negligence on the part of Imagine Investments for failure to perform an adequate inspection of the premises, failure to repair the ceiling despite knowing a dangerous condition had been created by the leak, and failure to warn Helm and Bellmon. They seek damages in excess of $100,000.

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