Passenger Dies in Cedar Creek Car Accident

An accident where N.C. 210 and Stedman-Cedar Creek Road split in Cedar Creek, North Carolina claimed the life of Frances Shaw of White Oak on Tuesday afternoon.
Ms. Shaw was a passenger in a vehicle driven by Larry Council.
Council was traveling southwest on Stedman-Cedar Creek Road and was passing in the N.C. 210 intersection. Cheryl Kelly of Virginia hit his vehicle. Council stated he had stopped at the intersection before entering. Kelly was traveling about 45 M.P.H. at the time of impact. His car ran off the left side of the road, coming to rest in a field. According to the report, charges are pending.


Until further reports are completed, surviving family members can explore the wrongful death claim process in North Carolina. Aside from a possible wrongful death claim, the surviving family members might be able to receive coverage through the at-fault driver's insurance policy to cover the costs of burial expenses. Our accident attorneys investigate every possible means of compensation a victim is legally entitled to. Even when another driver does not have insurance, there could be other parties to pursue for compensation. For example, an uninsured driver who is found to be at-fault in an accident might have been running an errand as part of his or her job. Although the worker might be uninsured, the employer should have insurance. In this situation, the victim or suriving family members might pursue a claim with the employer's insurance company.

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