According to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), more than 4 million people each year are bitten by dogs. Of those 4 million, 800,000 seek medical attention for personal injuries suffered. Of those 800,000, half are children.

The CDC says the rate of injuries related to dog bites is highest for children aged 50 to 9, decreasing as a child ages.

Of those that suffer injuries from dog bites, the CDC says some will require emergency department treatment and approximately 16 will die.

The CDC says boys have a higher rate of injury than girls.

Here are some tips from the CDC about how to prevent dog bites:

- Do not approach a dog that is unfamiliar to you.

- Do not scream or run from a dog.

- If a dog knocks you down, roll into a ball and remain still.

- Do not make direct eye contact with a dog.

- Do not pet a dog unless you have allowed it to see and sniff you first.

- Do not allow children to play with a dog without supervision.

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