Wake County health officials say that have yet to determine the cause of several people suffering personal injury through illness after eating at the 42nd St. Oyster Bar in downtown Raleigh.


According to Wake County environmental health and safety director Andre Pierce, approximately 40 people have reported illnesses after eating at the popular restaurant, located on West Jones Street. The complaints began on November 30 and the frequency has recently increased.


Pierce says the county tested stool samples from five people who reported food-borne illnesses after eating at the restaurant. Two of those people were discovered to have contracted norovirus, which is associated with numerous illnesses, including viral gastroenteritis and food poisoning.


Pierce said the outbreak remains under investigation by public health officials.


No illnesses have been reported from people dining at the restaurant since December 22.


According to owner Brad Hurley, the illnesses were likely due steamed oysters shipped from Louisiana. After the reports, the restaurant stopped serving the Louisiana oysters and has only been serving oysters from North Carolina.

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