McDonald’s has withdrawn a petition to the Kentucky Supreme Court over a $6.1 million award to a former fast food worker who was forced to strip after someone called posing as a police officer. The Louisville Courier-Journal reported that the company withdrew it petition asking the High Court to hear the case and agreed to a settlement with the victim.

The victim, Louise Ogborn, was accused of stealing. So the assistant manager was being told to bring Miss Ogborn in her office and was to have her strip searched. Once Louise was down to just an apron, because the imposter pretended to be a law enforcement officer on the phone told the assistant manager to have her to do jumping jacks. While it was a busy Friday night, the assistant manager couldn’t always be in her office so the man on the phone kept telling her to bring in other people to watch Miss Ogborn. While the assistant manager was watching after the restaurant, Louise was being not only humiliated, but also sexually harassed. The man on the phone was having Louise do sexual acts for a 58 year old maintenance man that worked at the McDonalds.

Once the real police were actually called and arrived at the restaurant, they let Miss Ogborn go and were trying to figure out where the call was from. They thought that it was probably from a pay phone somewhere. But because someone used *69, they tracked it and found out that the caller was using a pay phone in Panama City, Florida.

Come to find out, there has actually been about 10 years worth of hoax phone calls from everywhere around the world having innocent people doing horrible things for others. A lower appellate court ruled that the Illinois-based McDonald’s Corporation actually knew about the series of hoax calls to restaurants around the country, but didn’t warn the employees til Louise Ogborn was strip searched and sexually assaulted.

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