Carteret County Tornado Damage: Insurance Problems

Local news reports say approximately 70 houses suffered damage from the EF1 tornado that hit Carteret County on May 30, 2012. A handful of houses were completely obliterated.


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Tornados cause roof damage, water issues like mold and rot, not to mention lost business for stores in Carteret County. Even with the Red Cross Disaster Action Team visiting each and every residence and providing meals to those affected by the tornado, there chances are high that residents will face problems with their insurance claims. Some victims from last year’s tornado in Eastern North Carolina and Hurricane Irene are still waiting for their compensation. Having an insurance dispute attorney at Brent Adams & Associates work on your behalf during the stressful claim process will alleviate the strain of fighting for your money and allow you to focus on rebuilding your life and home.


Tornado Damage Insurance Problems


Tornado victims often face insurance issues like inadequate coverage. According to USAToday, more than half of the homes in the US are undervalued on insurance policies, which means there won’t be enough money paid to homeowners to cover rebuilding and repair costs. Flood damage is another issue that NC tornado victims may face. The Cateret County tornado did cause flooding in some areas, but usually standard insurance policies don’t cover flood damage. A separate flood insurance policy must be active in order to cover repairs. If you’re worried about how your insurance company is processing your claim, if they’re taking too long or not providing the full amounts outlined in your policy, call 800.849.5931 to speak with our insurance dispute attorneys. From law offices in Raleigh, Fayetteville and Dunn, we help victims of tornado destruction anywhere in North Carolina. Let us fight for your claim, we won’t get paid until you do.

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