Carolina Motorcycle Crashes: Helmet Laws

Both accidents involved a car that had started to slow down to let one of the riders pass. Based on local news reports, the second motorcycle rider was allegedly speeding and unable to slow down to a safe speed as the car in front braked to allow the first motorcycle rider to pass. The second biker rear-ended the vehicle and died at the scene of the accident. During the same week, a young man from Mint Hill died in a motorcycle accident. Thomas Harris died after his motorcycle ran off the road and struck a pipe.


North Carolina Motorcycle Laws


When you or a loved one are an avid motorcycle rider or just starting to ride for the first time, there is a variety of safety equipment and laws that protect the safety of riders and others on the road. North Carolina motorcycle laws require bikers to pass an off-road knowledge test and an on-cycle skills test in order to receive the motorcycle endorsement on their NC driver’s license. In addition to answering questions about safe driving practices and traffic laws, riders need to show their driving ability through an on-the-road test that covers proper signals for turns, how to approach intersections, three-point-turns and more.


North Carolina Motorcycle Helmet Law


Helmets don’t stop motorcycle accidents from happening, but they do prevent serious brain injuries and trauma. North Carolina is one of 19 states that have a special law governing the use of helmets by all motorcycle riders. The North Carolina motorcycle helmet law requires every motorcycle rider, regardless of age, to wear a helmet. Are some helmets more effective than others? The National Highway Traffic Safety’s research shows that helmet designs that are not federally-approved are less likely to prevent injuries than helmets that are certified by the US Department of Transportation. Consult a North Carolina motorcycle accident lawyer at Brent Adams if you’re concerned about how the state laws affect your accident injury case.

Wearing helmets should be mandatory. To be sure that you are wearing a reliable helmet, why not invest in one made by the most trusted manufacturers.
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