Caregiver Walks With Probation after Harassing Elderly Woman

Probation was all a Plattsburgh, N.Y. caregiver was given by a judge after she forced a 90-year-old woman to wear a diaper, hold a baby bottle and kneel on macadam in 90-degree heat for 30 minutes.

Prosecutors fought for jail time but the judge issued probation and 300 hours of community service for Sherry Demarais, 63, who pleaded guilty to a felony charge of endangering the welfare of a vulnerable elderly person.

A neighbor, Joyce Williams witnessed the incident. She heard Demarais shouting at the elderly woman. "I kept hearing the lady screaming and saying to her 'you're going to kneel down until I tell you to get up.' It was 90 degrees. She said 'you are not getting up until you tell me you are going to behave.'"

Police were called and took the woman to the Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital. She now is in protective custody and never will have to worry about Demarais again.

“She must have screamed at the elderly woman for half an hour,” Williams told WCAX-TV News in Burlington, Vt. “You don't do that when taking care of the elderly."

Demarais is scheduled in court again August 6.

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