Car Wrecks in Nash and Warren Counties

A series of car accidents is currently happening around North Carolina. A fatal wreck in Warrenton killed one person and injured another, while a separate car accident in Nash County injured a NC state trooper.

Running Stop Signs Causes Accidents in NC

The injured person from the fatal Warren County car accident was sent to Duke University Hospital. The collision took place between two cars somewhere between Henderson and Warrenton. The car accident was caused after one car ran a stop sign on Martin Luther King Road not long after dusk. In the unrelated accident in Nash County, the same thing happened and at the same time of day, however a state trooper was guilty of running a stop sign.

Nash County Car Crash Injures State Trooper

"Trooper B.S. Johnson ran a stop sign at Strickland Crossroads," according to WRAL. Johnson was in an unfamiliar area and swerved right to avoid oncoming traffic on NC 97, but he was unsuccessful. Johnson's Chevy Tahoe flipped over after a car hit the rear driver's side. He was treated and released from Nash Memorial Hospital.

NC Car Accident Attorneys

Running stop signs is a top cause of car accidents. Almost 31,000 fatal accidents happened in 2009 because of drivers who run stop signs, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Fatalities and injuries are often due to another person's negligence, which means families suffer wrongful death and car accident victims who survive may live with life-long injuries.

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