Car Insurance Fraud in Raleigh

A handful of people were found guilty of false insurance claims for car accidents in Raleigh. Arrest warrants were issued to Lopez Mullen, Robert Williams, Josalyn Cotton and Tikara Bynum, all of Raleigh, for insurance fraud and felony conspiracy.

NC False Insurance Claims

The fraudulent claimants were set to receive thousands of dollars through insurance scams filed with Nationwide, Progressive, Liberty Mutual and State Farm. False claims on car wrecks are serious offenses. The four cases may not be connected, however each person has a history of convictions for selling drugs, obtaining property under false pretense, attempted credit card fraud or aiding and abetting common-law robbery. These criminals who defraud insurance companies should be severely punished. Such incidents make it difficult for the vast majority of innocent victims with legitmate claims to obtain an adequate recovery for their injuries.

Raleigh Insurance Dispute Lawyers

Innocent car insurance holders who file valid car insurance claims sometimes encounter issues with their coverage and end up with an insurance dispute. Insurance dispute attorneys in Raleigh at Brent Adams & Associates handle cases where families are not receiving the coverage outlined in their insurance policy agreement.

Lawyers in Raleigh are available to answer your insurance dispute questions:

  • Why is my insurance company not covering what the policy says?
    Why is my insurance company taking so long to pay my claim?
    Why is my insurance claim being denied?
    How can I settle my insurance claim fast?
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