Car Accident With a Borrowed Car

A recent accident on I-40 involving a borrowed car shows exactly the type of liability drivers and passengers are responsible for in a car crash. The car accident, which happened near Smithfield, NC in Johnston County, involved two young men who were both injured when the car overturned.

Driver Michael Boyce, 26, and passenger Jimmy Brown, 24, suffered minor injuries near the Highway 210 exit on westbound I-40. Boyce was found to be impaired by prescription medication. His impairment caused the reckless driving behavior that flipped the car. The car was owned by Brown's mother. Because Brown was in the car and a family member of the owner, he was charged with aiding and abetting.

If you or someone you know borrowed someone else's car and got into an accident there may be complications with insurance coverage. If you were injured or your car was damaged and you feel your insurance company is being unfair in providing appropriate compensation per their policy, contact a car accident attorney in Raleigh, Dunn or Fayetteville at Brent Adams & Associates. Our NC car wreck lawyers will review your case, discuss your options and help you through the litigation process.

Typically if you borrow a car from someone and they give you permission to operate their vehicle, they're also agreeing to vicarious liability. This means if the driver of the borrowed vehicle causes the accident then the primary coverage sought will be through the vehicle owner's policy and any additional coverage needed if that policy is exhausted will be targeted through the driver's insurance. In the recent NC car accident above, Brown allowed Boyce to drive his mother's vehicle, which is why the police charged him with aiding and abetting. Be careful about who you allow to drive your vehicle and who in your family has permission to do the same. Contact a car crash attorney at Brent Adams & Associates 800.849.5931 to learn about the complicated laws and insurance regulations when a car accident happens with a borrowed vehicle.

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