Rocky Tolison said that when his stepson was attacked by Prince Charming, a bulldog, four years ago, the personal injuries he suffered in the attack were so severe that the wounds required 128 sutures to close.

Investigators say that on February 14, another boy was attacked by the same dog. This time the victim required three stitches below his right elbow.

According to Hillsborough County, Florida Animal Services spokeswoman Marti Ryan, in both incidents, the dog was not provoked. Once again, the dog was placed in animal services’ custody, facing permanent removal from its owner and possible euthanasia.

Lisa Johnson, 39, the owner of the dog, was arrested on February 16 on charges of misdemeanor culpable negligence and misdemeanor reckless disregard of a dog’s propensity to bite. She was released on $500 bond.

Jonathan Martinez, 10, the second victim, was riding his bicycle in front of his house when Prince Charming attacked him.

After the attack, Johnson came to the family’s house with her daughter, in tears, and apologized saying it was the first time something like that had happened, according to Edwin Martinez, Jonathan’s father. He later learned of the 2004 attack.

The first attack occurred when then 10-year-old Richard Neal went to Johnson’s home to watch a movie with her daughter. Tolison said that as soon as his stepson entered the house, the dog attacked him. He says that Neal has been scarred for life.

A hearing master declined a 2005 request to have the dog removed from Johnson’s custody, saying that it was a first-time occurrence.

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