General Motors, or GM as most people know it by, hasn’t really had a problem with unintended acceleration, but they are taking the proper precautions that it won’t ever happen.

GM is going to install a new brake override safety system, or "an enhanced smart pedal" in all of their cars worldwide by 2012. This is basically the same thing that Toyota is installing to put an end to its unintended acceleration problem.

This new brake override system may only be a way for GM to get a public-relations jump. The Department of Transportation is wondering whether they are going to make this new safety system mandatory on all cars.

A brake override cuts engine speed when the driver alternately steps on both the brake and accelerator as if they were in some manic mode. GM plans to install the pedal as a software upgrade in the electronic throttle control such as a system on a few of the new performance vehicles, such as the Chevrolet Corvette.

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