Brain Injuries From Soccer Headers

sports injuriesRepeated brain trauma can cause permanent damage. Our traumatic brain injury lawyers in Raleigh blogged about how diseases like chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) develop due to recurring brain trauma. Now, a study of adult soccer players shows that the impact of the ball during headers, which repeatedly strikes the head year after year during their professional sport careers, also shows progressive brain damage.

The brain damage develops over decades of soccer activities, less so from concussions and more from the frequent impacts of headers. The players included in the study showed more cognitive impairments, including memory loss, if they experienced over 1,500 headers each year. (On average, professional players report about 1,000 headers annually.)

The study was conducted by a researcher from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Although there are no definitive findings that will help parents decide whether or not they want their children participating with soccer from a young age, the research appears to be consistent with medical reports of other sports that show consistent impacts to the head can cause similar effects over time as that of an individual with a traumatic brain injury.

Whether you or a loved one suffered a sports injury or had a concussion or head trauma from a car crash or other type of accident, whenever anyone is injured due to no fault of their own another party may be held responsible. Although many new treatments for brain injuries are developing, these new TBI treatments are costly. Medical bills, the cost for future health care, lost wages, loss of enjoyment of life, and more may be compensable through a personal injury claim.

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