Boy's Arm Amputated After Pit Bull Attack

pit bull attackA 10-year-old boy sustained critical injuries including the loss of his arm in an attack by a 2-year-old pit bull on July 26.


According to the Sheriff’s Department the boy suffered numerous wounds in the attack by Torco, the dog. According to authorities, the punctures he suffered to his right arm were so severe that his arm required amputation.


The boy was at his house alone while his parents were visiting in Indiana when his older brother came home and found him still being attacked by the dog. The brother immediately transported his brother to a community hospital where doctors stabilized him before rushing him to a higher level care facility in another city. 


The pit bull was taken to the county animal shelter and euthanized, according to the Sheriff’s Department.


Statistically, children are more often the victim of dog attacks. Dogs may attack children for a number of reasons: They are not as threatened by their size, children (too young to know better) may have unknowingly aggravated the animal. These are just a few common possibilities. Regardless of the victim's age, anyone who is bitten by a dog should seek the care of a medical doctor. There are certain medical tests after a dog bite attack that are essential. No matter how minor an injury may appear, bacteria may have entered through the wound and could cause an infection if not treated.


Everyone at some point in their lives will come in contact with a dog. Educate your children early on how to greet a dog, understand canine behavior, and how to react to an aggressive animal. 

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