A boy from Vista, California is currently in recovery from the personal injuries he suffered from 40 dog bites during an attack by a pair of Rottweilers.


On October 30, the boy was walking to school when he encountered the dogs.


According to eyewitness Keely Garcia, she was driving with her daughter when the spotted the sixth-grade boy screaming and fleeing from the dogs. She exited her vehicle and, along with another woman, attempted the shield the boy.


Garcia said that she screamed for help as people passed by, but no one helped for several minutes.


“It was just horrible,” she said.


A young man eventually came to their aid and pulled the dogs away.


According to the boy’s mother, physically, he is recovering well. However, he continues to suffer from emotional trauma.


The dogs’ owner voluntarily surrendered them to the North County Humane Society.


Authorities say that due to the severity of the attack, the dogs will be euthanized.

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