Dune Buggy Accident Injured Boy

The father of an injured teenager filed a personal injury suite on behalf of his son. His son, 16, was injured while using a friend's dune buggy. 

According to the suit, the owner of the dune buggy was riding a motorcycle while the victim operated the dune buggy. Both boys were under the supervision of the mother of the dune buggy owner. However, local news reports did not state where the mother was at the time of the accident.


The accident occurred while the victim was operating the dune buggy up a hill. At some point, the dune buggy overturned. The victim suffered several injuries, including a broken leg.

The father of the victim cited medical bills and loss of consortium due to the accident injuries.

Accidents involving minor-age victims can be complicated. It's important to understand the various types of liability that could be present in a case like this. For example, since the supervising parent's presence at the time of the accident is unknown according to local news reports - the parent might hold a degree of liability for failing to adequately supervise the boys. Additionally, no details about the make and model of the dune buggy were released. Perhaps a manufacturer recall or faulty part caused the vehicle to overturn. It is also unclear whether or not the boys were wore safety gear, which could be an act of negligence on behalf of a supervising parent. Our attorneys provide complimentary case evaluations where we can analyze the possible negligent parties and various degrees of liability. Contact us to reserve a spot on the calendar with one of our attorneys. Complete the form on the side or call 877-BRENT-ADAMS.

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